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RipEditBurn Plus's Version History
RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.49 released August 7, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Updated Readme.txt file including information on Vista compatibility. - NEW
  2. New process reduces the number of steps necessary to record from applications. - NEW
  3. Improved Recording functionality with Combo box added in Editing window. - NEW
  4. Updated Quick Help Tips. - NEW
  5. Newly revised help files. - NEW
  6. New Help Files for Tempo/Speed Changer Effect. - NEW
Bug Fixes:
  1. In the Plus window, files added in the WMP playlist were not showing properly.
  2. Color settings selected using View -> Set Color option was sometimes reverting.
  3. Cancel button of Choose format dialog box is working as the OK button.
  4. ID3 information in Ripped tracks on edit window was not showing sometimes.
  5. If more than one dot (.) was in a track name, it was changing the name sometimes when ripping a track in a music library.
  6. In Vista, sometimes during Audio CD burning "The writing track to CD...Please Wait" progress bar was not running.
  7. Pause and Stop buttons were doing same function in the Edit window.
  8. Sometimes, Bitrate information for each track which is being ripped to music library was being requested.
  9. Drag & Drop facility for tracks in Windows Vista was sometimes working improperly.

RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.43 released April 19, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Fully Windows Vista Compatible. - NEW
  2. User Permission Related Changes for Windows Vista. - NEW
  3. New Text & Dialog messages related to Changes/Updates.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Insufficient Space Error was displaying erroneously while applying some effects.
  2. Error message was showing sometimes after applying Center Channel Removal.

RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.40 released Feburary 21, 2007
Bug Fixes:
  1. RipEditBurn Plus was experiencing problems recording from iTunes using the Applications function.
  2. There were occasional problems related to use of Realtek HD sound card; these were affecting the volume slider.
  3. Sometimes the Converting to MP3 warning message was not showing properly in the Rip & Burn windows.
RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.39 released Feburary 15, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Added Reverb effect - New
  2. Added support of Fraunhofer Professional Codec for Windows XP & WMP 10 or higher - New
  3. Added support of VBR MP3 files to properly decode VBR MP3 files. - New
  4. Added Drag & Drop feature for Lame Encoder zip file. Users can now Drag & Drop the lame encoder zip file in the RipEditBurn Plus window. The file will automatically be unzipped and added to RipEditBurn Plus. - New
  5. Added support of Lame_Wrapper dll for MP3 conversion.
  6. For Acousticon creation, if a professional codec is available, RipEditBurn Plusís editor will use it. If it is unavailable, it will automatically search for lame encoder to use. If neither is available, the user will be notified.
  7. New message & label text. - New
  8. Shortcuts are now assigned for the following effects: - New
    • Pitch/Frequency Changer
    • Tempo/Speed Changer
    • SceneFx
    • Reverb
  9. Recording compatibility for Musicmatch Jukebox added. - New
  10. Ability to launch Overdub! from REB Plus tool menu added. - New
  11. Ability to minimize REB+ during Burn process added. - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. Batch export for MP3 and WMA files now occurring properly after CDDB Lookup.
  2. Progress bar title is now showing the effect being applied, as in: "Applying <effect name> effect..."
  3. When Normalize button was pressed and user clicked on Data CD, the LED was remaining red. This has now been fixed.
  4. Confusing column heading in the Track List on the Burn UI.
    On the Burn UI the first column of the Track List was showing the title of the track stored in the ID3 tag of the file. This was confusing, so now, when in Audio mode, the track will have ďTitleĒ as a heading; in the Data mode, it will have "Name."
  5. RipEditBurn Plus is now showing the full file name on the Burn CD dialog box while preparing the image of the file.
  6. In the Burn window, tracks start playing when double clicked in the Tracks list.
  7. Users no longer have to activate trial versions of RipEditBurn Plus in a separate login when activation has already taken place in the administrator account.
RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.34 released November 3, 2006
Changes in this Version:
  1. Implemented various Drag & Drop features. User can drag single or multiple files and drop them directly into the editor. RipEditBurn Plusís editor will open the dropped files one by one-New
Bug Fixes:
  1. In the Plus Window, Clear Sorting sometimes reloaded all the tracks in the library.
  2. Pitch/frequency changer & Tempo/Speed Changer effect was not being properly added at the end of selected part.
  3. Help button had not been available from the Format Conversion dialog box.
  4. Genre in Song Information was not being saved.
RipEditBurn Plus Version 1.0.30 released September 11, 2006
Changes in this Version:
  1. Bass Boost added.
  2. All new help files. Extensive revisions and additions.
  3. Provide option to enable/disable the song info dialog box in the Preference dialog box and in Song Info dialog box.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, now provide the original file name as the default file name.
  5. Added eMusic Store to Plus UI.
  6. Added following effects:
    a. Bass Boost
    b. Tempo/Speed Changer
    c. Voice Changer
    d. Compression and limiting
    e. Scene FX
    f. Tempo/Frequency Changer
  7. Added feature to add Acousticons directly into Voice Cloak Plus's Acousticons folder if it is installed on the userís machine. REB+ will save Acousticons into Voice Cloak Plus's Acousticon folder if release version of VCP is installed on the user machine.
  8. Added feature to create Acousticon using REB+. Now users can save a file (Wave, MP3, wma or ogg) as Acousticon file. Users can use these Acousticons in Voice Cloak Plus. While users are saving a file as Acousticon, the application will ask information regarding Acousticon. This information includes Short Description, Long Description and Acousticon image. Users can leave any of these blank.
  9. In the Plus UI, REB+ will now show a progress bar when it fetches songs from iTunes or WMP Library.
  10. Added shortcut for the following options in the Burn UI:
    a. ALT + N: Normalize All
    b. ALT + M: Multi-session Mode check box
    c. ALT + F: Check Free Space
  11. Genre now shows alphabetically.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Genre combo box in the Enter Song Info dialog box had duplicate entries.
  2. REB+ would hang if both the Forward and Rewind buttons were pressed while the playback was ongoing.
  3. Showing wrong error message if users opened a Wave file having audio format 8 bit stereo 8000 Hz CCITT u-Low.
  4. Following effects were not showing any Cancellation messages:
    - Center Channel removal
    - Mono to stereo
    - Note Scrubber
  5. Not showing the Conversion completed message while Batch Exporting MP3 files.
  6. Truncation was occurring in ripped songs.
  7. RipEditBurn Plus was replacing the song's Genre with Podcast.
  8. Not updating filename on title bar after exporting file form wma to wave.
  9. Wrong error message was showing when users tried to split .wma file into tracks.
  10. After batch export to .wma, REB+ did not show the successful completion message.
  11. (Windows 2000 and XP) Not deleting Wave file from temporary location.

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