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Record Cleaner

Make your recordings sound awesome!
  • Restore the pristine quality of your recordings
  • Remove hiss and hum
  • Remove 60/50 cycle noise from power supplies
  • Remove all noise below a level set by the user

Record Cleaner removes clicks and noise from recordings

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Note: Record Cleaner requires latest purchased version of RipEditBurn Plus or RipEditBurn or Wave Creator to work.


Price: $14.95

Full Price: $34.95

You SAVE $20.00

wav audio music Clean up recording remove pops and clicks


System requirements OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000

remove hum remove scratches

Buy Record Cleaner with RipEditBurn Plus.

Buy Record Cleaner with RipEditBurn.

Buy Record Cleaner with Wave Creator.


Record Cleaner requires a PC running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000, a working Soundblaster compatible sound card and latest purchased version of RipEditBurn Plus or RipEditBurn or Wave Creator.


Try the free trial download and save 10% when you buy.

Record Cleaner is available with our other products in combination packages.


Record Cleaner has four utilities to clean up noisy recordings:

POP AND CLICK REMOVAL Scratches, dirt, and wear on the surface of a record can cause pops and clicks in playback. Live recordings sometimes have unwanted loud noises, and tapes can wear in such a way as to have pops and clicks. This tool will help remove them.

ELIMINATE HUM The Hum Removal tool is a "notch filter", and is controlled by a slider. It completely eliminates the sound in a narrow band (a "notch"). If you live in North America, the power coming from the power company is almost certainly at 60 cycles per second. In Europe and much of Asia it is usually at 50 Hz. There are a variety of things you can do to prevent this noise from getting on your recordings, but if your recording already has it, you'll need this tool.


REDUCE HISS There are many sources of high pitched hiss or crackling in recordings. Our hiss remover is a special purpose version of our 10 band equalizer, set up to make it very easy for you to remove high frequencies.

NOISE GATE A Noise Gate is a filter that measures the level of each frequency within the sound and reduces the ones that are likely to be noise.

Each of these functions can be adjusted until you get just the right setting. You can apply it to the entire file, or just a small portion. With just a few mouse clicks you can take a noisy recording and make it sound great!


Add even more power to your noise removal toolbox with the
Noise Reduction Effect.
It works by profiling pervasive noise, such as audience rustling or room sound, and removing it from the file. It is also an add-on to our editors.

remove hiss
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We offer a free trial of Record Cleaner below (This demo is fully functional for 7 times), and you can purchase the full version for US $14.95. (Save $20.00 Full price $34.95)

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Record Cleaner is a fantastic utility. I have successfully used it to clean up a couple of virtually hopelessly noisy recording files. I don't see how anyone could do without it.--Jim




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