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Power Record


Power Record records streaming audio and all other audio sources. Record automatically at scheduled times, and schedule multiple future recordings: daily, weekly, monthly. Listen later at your convenience. It frees you from the rigid schedules of broadcasters, like a TiVo® for internet and conventional radio. You can also instantly record from all sources. Set Power Record's Song Grabber to record in the background while you listen to shows, save only the content you want to keep.

  • Scheduled or Instant Recording of any Internet Radio Programming
  • Drag & drop iTunes stations directly into Power Record
  • Create a complete personal directory of your favorite radio stations
  • Schedule audio recordings from internet or conventional radio
  • Start recording automatically at the beginning of a church service, lecture, or recital, end recording automatically
  • Schedule multiple future recordings: one-time, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Choose an internet radio station for a future recording and Power Record starts it automatically
  • Save as MP3 to save memory space

Price: $29.95

Full Price: $39.95

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System requirements OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000


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Instant recording is very simple- just click on Record Now.

The Scheduled Recording feature allows you to program as many future events as you like, and to schedule recordings to happen once, every day, every week, or every month. If you want to record a program that airs every Tuesday at 7:00, you can schedule Power Record to do this. You can also set the recording to start a selected number of minutes before the scheduled time of the program.

Your computer must be turned on during the time it is supposed to be recording. Before you shut down your computer, Power Record will remind you when you have scheduled recording sessions

Song Grabber is Power Record's newest and most innovative feature! Do you ever realize in the middle of listening to a song on the radio that you wish you were recording the whole thing? You can set Song Grabber to capture the last 5 minutes or more of your internet radio station's broadcast. Decide in the middle of a song to record the whole thing, and with one click Song Grabber records the past and the present until you tell it to stop. It even features Automatic Gain Control to prevent clipping. Here are the details:

You can set Power Record to begin automatically when your computer is turned on. This is recommended if you are going to be using Song Grabber throughout your computer session to record internet radio programming you might otherwise miss.

You select the recording format, then set the length of time you want to "Grab", and click Start. Find and begin playing the internet radio program you wish to record. You can run other programs while Power Record runs in the background. When you want to record something, click Keep.


Here's what to expect: if you've enabled 5 minutes and then started your recording by clicking Keep, and then record for 10 minutes before clicking Stop, this is what happens: You will now have a total of 15 minutes of data recorded. 10 minutes of this data was recorded after you clicked Keep and 5 minutes of data was already there when you clicked Keep with Song Grabber enabled.

If you had immediately clicked Keep after you enabled Song Grabber, then recorded for 10 minutes, you would have a total 10 minutes of data recorded.

Once enabled, Song Grabber will continue recording. It will keep the most recent minutes recorded. When you click Keep, it will continue recording until you click Stop.

You can give each recording a custom name, such as Bluegrass Gospel Show, or use the default recording name provided.

You can record files as Wav (Best sound, but large files); MP3 (Compressed sound; acceptable for MP3 players such as iPods), and WMA (Compressed sound; acceptable for MP3 players such as iPods). You may have to install a free LAME encoder, available on the Blaze Audio website, to get a higher bit rate.

Sometimes the ball game goes on a lot longer than it was originally scheduled. If that happens you can click on the Keep Recording button and recording will continue until you click on Stop.

Recording From Your Radio
Sometimes the program you want to record is only available on the radio, as opposed to internet radio. Power Record can still help you record it. You just need to connect your radio to the Line In or Aux input on your computer, choose the Recording Source in Power Record, and continue as above. We have cables that will connect your radio to your computer.

  • Schedule as many events as you want for later recording
  • Choose one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly recording
  • Specify an internet radio station for future recording and Power Record will automatically start it before recording
  • Drag & drop iTunes stations directly into Power Record
  • Use Song GrabberTM to save audio that has already aired
  • Select the exact recording quality and record source
  • Record instantly right from your tool tray

Power Record requires a PC running 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000 with 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better, 256MB RAM and Broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable/LAN).

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