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Recording Software for Real-Time Mixing and Overdubbing
  • Create voiceovers for videos, commercials, & presentations
  • Create complete musical arrangements
  • Overdub sound effects
  • Precisely control punch in and out
  • Increase Overdub's editing capability with RipEditBurn Plus or RipEditBurn
  • Download the Free Trial to be sure Overdub works with your Win7 computer

Building The Water is Wide, Layer by Layer:

Create soundtracks, voiceovers, complete musical arrangements and more with state-of-the-art overdubbing and layering technology. Record new tracks and layer them in precisely where you want them to create exactly the sound you want.


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voiceovers overdubbing multitrack recording

Version: 1.0.26

System requirements OS: Vista, XP, 2000. Some Win 7 machines will experience a slight time lag.


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Easily create overdubs for radio, commercials, internet radio, movie sound tracks, and any other situation where you need to create voiceovers quickly and easily. Record or load in the backing track, set punch in and out, record the voiceover, and mix down with full control over volumes.

Create movie sound tracks, advertisements, special effects for your PowerPoint presentations, and multi track compositions quickly and professionally. Related programs RipEditBurn Plus and RipEditBurn record from LPs, CDs, DVDs, and the internet, and offer advanced editing options such as echo or reverb, EQ, fade-in/out, and more.


Overdub is a 2-track recorder. This means you can lay down one track, record a second track while you are listening to the first, and mix them together; record another track while listening to the mixed tracks, and mix them together; record another track on top of those, ad infinitum. Click the Audio Sample button above to hear how one person can create a complete song arrangement.


Mixing the original audio with the overdub and creating a final output file is controlled by three buttons at the top of the screen. You can create a new file mixing the two, add the overdub to the original file, or save only the overdub.


You can either load in an audio file and then record the overdub, or you can first record the original audio directly into Overdub! before recording the overdub.


Step 1. Load your original audio in Overdub! by clicking File->Open. Then select the audio file you want to load. The voiceover will be recorded at the same bit depth and sampling rate as your original file.

If you don't yet have the background audio, you can record it directly into Overdub! Choose the bit depth and sampling rate you want to use, and record the audio.

Step 2. Set the convenient Punch in and Punch Out markers so that everything you want to overlay is inside the markers. This will mark where you want to overlay your new sound file.


Step 3. Record the overdub, whether it's a voiceover, sound effects, or an additional layer of music, by clicking Start Record. You can control the volume and the stereo pan and re-take your recording as many times as you would like.

Step 4. Save your new overdubbed file by clicking Mix Down to a New File.


Overdub! requires a PC running Windows Vista, XP, or 2000. Some Win 7 machines will experience a slight time lag.

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Recording Studio Software Suite Plus

Adds full editing power, internet access, scheduled online recording, & more to Overdub.


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Combine with Overdub for pro editing capability, online access, CD ripping & burning.


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Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from online radio. Use in overdubs and sound tracks.


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"Words cannot express my customer satisfaction. Your software is truly intuitive and easy to use. Your documentation and supplemental material on your web site is superb. Your support was excellent when I started using the product and had questions or comments. Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product and price." - Robert B.

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