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LKG PRE600 Phono Preamp


Connect your turntable to your sound card so you can preserve your LPs to CD or iPod

  • Converts turntable output to proper RIAA input for your sound card
  • Very low noise design for accurate conversion
  • Integrated power supply to eliminate cables
  • Solid state design for high reliability

Price: $19.95

Full Price: $29.50

You SAVE $9.55

hono preamp preamp

System requirements OS: Works with all Windows, Mac, and Linux systems

cables not included

LKG PRE600 Phono Preamp also available with our other products in Combination Packages.


Small, easy to plug in and use, with very good output strength and low noise for excellent reproduction. If you try to connect most turntables directly to your sound card or USB audio adapter the signal will be too weak and won't sound right. You need a phono preamp, and this is the perfect solution.


This is the perfect device to use with one of our USB audio sound cards to get the best reproduction possible. Convenient RCA connectors make hooking this up a snap.

    Imp 50K Ohms
    Response 30-20K Hz
    Gain 50X(10V in + 5V out)
    Max Output 1.8V
    Power requirements 117 VAC. 50/60 Hz, 0.1 Watt
    Max. input 30Mv
    S/N Ratio Over 60 dB

Windows, Mac, Linux

   Get LKG PRE600 Phono Preamp Today!

You can purchase the LKG PRE600 Phono Preamp for US $19.95. (Save $9.55 Full price $29.50)

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