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  1. Introduction

Would you like to be able to listen to all of your audio on your mobile phone, portable media player, tablet, CD player or other sound device? In many cases, it is not possible to take analog audio and put it on a digital device. Analog ripping is a term used for the conversion of sound that is being recorded or played back by a computer into digital files that can be played on almost any digital sound device.

Sound, as we hear it, is air being compressed and decompressed at a high rate of speed. A microphone picks up that compression/decompression and turns it into electric voltages. That is an analog signal, and the compression/decompression is completely smooth and includes an infinite number of values.

However, computers deal only with two values: on and off, or, as they are commonly represented, one and zero. Sound cards and USB devices have something called an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that samples the sound many thousands of times a second and turns each sample into ones and zeros. If you are interested, there is a more complete description here:

What is Digital Audio?

Converting to digital loses a little audio quality, but then again it's pretty hard to carry a 1st class turntable, amplifier, and speakers everyplace we go. There are times when we want to convert a record, a tape, music from a DVD, or internet radio, into a digital signal so that we can listen to it wherever we go. That is what analog ripping is all about.

The sound you hear on your computer has already been converted to digital, but that does not mean you have a recording of it that you can put on your portable media device. All you need for this simple process is Blaze Audio's RipEditBurn Plus.

(Note- be sure you are obeying fair use and copyright laws in making these digital copies, and, unless you have the permission of the rights holders, do not share them.)

Price $59.95

Our premium audio recorder and editor. Record from all sources, edit with extensive effects, manage iTunes playlists.

Price $39.95

Records, edits Wave, MP3, WMA, rips and burns CDs, removes or reduces vocals. Perfect for converting records & tapes to CD.

Price $29.95

Compact USB audio external sound card for plug-&-play connection between your computer & audio equipment. 1/8" stereo line input, 1/8" mic input, 3 1/8" outputs for stereo or 5.1 surround sound.

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Analog Ripping - Listen to all your audio on your mobile devices!
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