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  3. Understanding the ePodcast record screen
ePodcast Prodcuer- Welcome Wizard

After recording, the waveforms appear in the Track windows. Use the sliders to the right of the Voice Track Space and the Music Track Space windows to raise or lower the volume of a track after you have recorded. (Note: You cannot move these 2 sliders during the actual recording. Only the Master Mix Slider can be used while recording.)

In order to set the recording volume, speak into the microphone and watch the LED volume bars go up. You want your voice or the music to just touch the top of the bar and not stay there. Adjust the volume until you get it where you want it.

Just to the right of the Track display areas is the Master Mix Slider, which can be used while recording to change the volume and to fade your voice and the music in and out of the final mix.

Farther to the right side of the screen you can locate audio files to include in your podcast by browsing through your files. Select a file and load it by dragging it to one of the function key buttons at the bottom.

When you have picked your sounds for the podcast, click Next.

Take a few minutes to explore the Tools menu. From this menu you can do any of the following: Launch the Editor; Launch ePodcast Express (the uploading module); record Skype calls; browse for and open a file in the editor; and open previously recorded Skype conversations.

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