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  1. Introduction

Now that CD burners are becoming standard equipment, there is no reason why you should let the record companies decide what a good mix is. No two people have exactly the same taste in music, so for most of us, those mix CD's you buy from the 1-800 numbers on TV, or in the Various Artists section at the music store will always be 75% junk. Why not make your very own mix CD's, from your own music collection - make your own selection of 100% great music! The process isn't hard - all you need for the basic CD is a CD burner, a computer, some music, and a CD-R (blank, recordable CD). Once you've got the CD burner, it's actually cheaper to make mixes than it is to buy them and will only set you back $1-2 per CD! We think this is the greatest invention since the bagel-cutter, especially since there is twice as much music available once you explore the internet music scene! Think of the great CDs you could make - a road trip CD for your car; a party mix for this weekend's shindig; a collection of golden oldies or rare favorites for your grandmother - there are countless possibilities. The best part is, we'll lead you through the process step by step.

This tutorial will show you how to prepare CD tracks, MP3s, even music from tapes and records, and how to burn this music onto your own mix CD. We'll even help you learn how to do fun things like add voice clips in between songs radio-show style, or use a wave editor to add useful effects. The tutorial is divided into a set of steps, listed in the box above and to the right. Follow them in order if it's your first time burning, or skip around if you already know what you are doing. If you could across a word you don't know, chances are good that it is listed in our glossary. We've based this tutorial on Blaze Audio's RipEditBurn Plus, first of all because we sell it, but mainly because it is the best tool for the job. RipEditBurn Plus will let you rip CDs, edit music, easily edit or add MP3s to your Burn List, actually burn the CD, and more, all in one easy program. So if you don't already own it, grab a free trial version here, and let's get started! Note that Blaze Audio does not condone the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

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