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Converting Tapes and Records to CD | Transfer vinyl LP records to CD or audio cassettes to CD | How To Convert Audio Cassette Tapes And Records To Cd

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Copying record and tapes to CD

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  1. Introduction

This tutorial shows in detail how to convert all your records and tapes to digital files on your computer, edit and remaster the recordings, automate many tasks, and burn CDs using Blaze Audio's conversion software and hardware. The tutorial can be purchased as a printed manual.

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The tutorial is divided into a number of different steps which are listed in the right column. They are designed to be independent articles and can be read in any order.

This tutorial is based on Blaze Audio's LP and Tape to CD Conversion Software Suites and contains information about the USB 5.1 Channel Audio Adapter and the LKG PRE 600 phono preamplifier.

Here's what you need to convert records and tapes to CDs and MP3s:

  • PC computer running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000
  • Sound card or USB audio device
  • Turntable with a built in preamp, a receiver, or an external phono preamp
  • Cables
  • Conversion software
  • CD burner (standard in most PCs and laptops)
  • iPod & iTunes on your computer or other MP3 player
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Eliminates pops, clicks, scratches, hum, and hiss. Works with RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, & Wave Creator.

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Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from any audio, including internet radio. Song Grabber records 5 or more minutes into the past!

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A plugin for RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, and Wave Creator that eliminates unwanted noise from recordings.

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Records and Tapes to CD

New! Noise Reduction Effect
Cleans up your noisy recordings like magic!
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USB Audio External Sound Card

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Phono Preamp

Amplifies your turntable's signal so your sound card can hear it, adds RIAA EQ. Use with the Conversion Suite Plus to convert LPs to CD. Buy in a combination package with the Conversion Suite Plus and save 20%!