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  1. Introduction

Editing audio files is easy- if you know how. If you don't, you're in the right place!

This tutorial teaches the basic operations you need in order to edit your sounds and audio or wave files. There are even a few tricks in here that might be useful to people who want to improve other skills. For example, check out the section on stereo and mono files for techniques for making a mono file sound like it was recorded in stereo.

We use ePodcast Producer in our examples, but ePodcast Creator has the same editor. ePodcast Producer also lets you rip and burn CDs, convert to Real Audio, and load multiple files into ePodcast Producer's editor for easier copying between files; however, the basic editing operations are the same.

Throughout this tutorial we talk about waves and waveforms. For our purposes, a wave is a sound and a waveform is really just a picture of what the audio file looks like on a special kind of a graph.

Don't worry, you don't need to go back and review algebra to understand the graphs of waveforms that ePodcast Producer displays! Generally, when the graph stays near the middle or is flat there is silence, and, the farther it goes from the center, the louder it is. That's all you have to know!

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Editing Sounds with ePodcast Producer


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Podcasting Software

ePodcast Producer

The most complete integrated podcasting tool available. All-source recording, full DSP editing, on-screen teleprompting, live radio-style mixing, quick and reliable uploading.

ePodcast Creator

One award-winning program records, edits, makes overdubs, creates iTunes tags & RSS feeds, then uploads.

ePodcast Express

Uploads any audio file as a podcast. Creates RSS feeds, uploads, generates tags to list with iTunes directory.

Podcasting Hardware

USB 5.1 Audio Adapter

Compact USB audio external sound card for plug-&-play connection between your computer & audio equipment.