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Blaze Audio creates and sells audio software and supporting hardware so EVERYONE can be creative with sound--easily! Our team members are based in the U.S. and India. Watch the slide show at the right to see where we live and work.


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Lopez Island, Home of Blaze Audio's US Headquarters


LP/Tape to CD Conversion Software Suite Plus

Set of 7 powerful programs converts LPs and tapes to CD and MP3.

Everything Pack Pro

All the tools you need to convert records to CD: conversion software, phono preamp, USB sound card, cables.

RipEditBurn Plus

Professional sound editing tools in an easy-to use program! Record from any source and edit the sound with drag & drop, cut & paste, fade in &out. Add effects to your sound, mix tracks together.

Power Record

Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from any streaming audio, including internet radio. Song Grabber records 5 or more minutes into the past!

USB Audio External Sound Card

Desktop convenience, connects all your audio devices to your computer.