Take LPs & Tapes and Convert Them Into Wav & MP3

Have you ever wanted to take your LPs and tapes and turn them into digital mp3 or wave files? There’s a way!

We generally recommend RipEditBurn Plus as a recorder. It has Record Cleaner, a plug-in that removes clicks, hum, pops, hiss and other noise from audio recordings. Or, you may decide on either RipEditBurn or Wave Creator be your recorder. Check out the pages.

For LPs, you may need a Preamp unless you are using a turntable that already has a preamp built in. Those turntables also have (generally) a USB 5.1 External Sound Card included. For tapes, just use an 1/8 inch stereo cable and plug it into the output of the tape recorder, and plug it into the microphone input on your computer.


Start whichever recording program you have chosen. Choose Record, and set the Sampling Rate, Bit Rate, and Channels. We recommend going for at least 44100 Hz, Bit Rate of 16 bits, and Stereo. Then start either the turntable or the tape recorder. Allow the turntable or tape recorder to play through the whole piece, and press the Record button again. You will have to edit the beginning and the end, taking away the silence at the beginning and the silence at the end.

You will have to listen to see how the recording is. Sometimes it may be too soft. Use the Amplify setting on our products to make it louder. Sometimes it may be too loud, in which case you will need to listen to the whole take to see if there is any distortion. If so, you will have to record it again with less volume. If not, simply use the Amplify setting to make it more quiet.

Save as either wave or mp3, and you have got it!

by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 32 years.