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VoiceSFX has sound effects!

It has Sweep Up, Sweep Down, Echo, Chorus, Flange, Fade In, Fade Out, Bass, Robotvoice, Backwards, Slow Monster, Fast Squeaker, Treble, Helium Breath, Sulphur Breath, Record LOUD and soft, Play LOUD and soft!

Click on the SF1 button- you will hear sound effects.
Click on the SF2 button- you will hear sound effects.
Click on the SF3 button- you will hear sound effects.

Hear the halloween greeting we created using VoiceSFX:

Voice SFX

You will get sound effects!

Buy VoiceSFX for $16.95, Regular Price $26.95

by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 35 years. He studied with Charlie Schlueter as principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra for four years. Charlie Schlueter went on to do 25 years as principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestraā€ˇ. Tom also played principal trumpet for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and principal trumpet for the San Jose Orchestra.