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How To Use Power Record

Power Record

Power Record is a powerful program. It features something called Song Grabber, which goes back in time to record what you just heard.

Power Record

Let’s dig deeper into what Power Record can do. You set the record time by clicking on the Add button. You can set it for One Time Only, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or pick the days of the week you want it to record on. You can also change or remove the record time.

Power Record

If you have recorded with Power Record before, select one of your recordings, and then click on the playback button. You will be asked to “Select schedule file”, click on the OK button. You can hear the recording!

You can also record. Click on the Record button, and the following dialog box pops up:

Power Record

You can change the record device, change the record quality, and save as wav, mp3, or WMA. If you have Song Grabber enabled, you can adjust the number of minutes that Song Grabber records before you start recording.

If Song Grabber is disabled, click on the disabled button. You will be presented with the same dialog box.

My advice? Keep it to under 10 minutes. There’s a lot going on, including memory usage!

On the right bottom of the screen you can “Save As”, which brings up the following dialog box:

Power Record

Also on the right bottom of the screen you can “Convert”, which brings up the following dialog box:

Power Record

You can edit with Wave Creator or RipEditBurn Plus or RipEditBurn. More about Wave Creator in the next blog…

by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 34 years. He studied with Charlie Schlueter as principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra for four years. Charlie Schlueter went on to do 25 years as principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestraā€ˇ. Tom also played principal trumpet for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and principal trumpet for the San Jose Orchestra.