Record In Your School Or Church

A few years ago I did some articles for Technologies For Worship Magazine on how to record in your school or church. I have revised them so that you can know what is happening currently. There are 6 different blog entries, one in general about recording in church and school, one for microphones and the setup, one for cables and connectors, one for getting the audio into your computer, one for recording your musicians, and one for editing the files when they are completed.

Each of the pages go into many details. You can read all of them, or you can choose the ones that best fit your requirements, and later come back to read the other ones.

1. Introduction and details about recording in a school or church.
2. Introduction and details about microphones.
3. Introduction and details about cables and connectors.
4. Introduction and details about getting the recording into your computer.
5. Introduction and details about recordings of your musicians.
6. Introduction and details about editing what you have recorded.


by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 33 years.