RipEditBurn Plus

RipEditBurn Plus is a wonderful program with many details. If you don’t know how to use all the details, read the following:

Rip Screen

RipEditBurn Plus

Click on the Rip icon, and click on Refresh CD and then click on Disc Lookup. Disc Lookup presents you with the entire CD. You can use Digital or Analog rip, Rip to Edit, Rip to Burn, and and Rip to Music Library.

Edit Screen

RipEditBurn Plus

Click on the Edit icon. You can record, edit, add effects, zoom into the part of the wave file you need to see, set the record device, adjust the volume of the recording or playback, even set the left/right volume for what you are recording.

The effects include Amplify/Deamplify, Bass Boost, Center Channel Removal, Chorus, Compression And Limiting, Reverb, Echo, Equalize, Fade In, Fade Out, Flange, Notch Filter, Mix, Mono To Stereo, Normalize, Note Scrubber, Pitch/Frequency Changer and Tempo Changer, Reverse (which reverses the sound), Scene FX (which puts the sound in various halls), Voice Changer (which really changes the voice, you’ve got hear it to believe it!), and Voice Warmer.

The tools include Vocal Reducer which can reduce vocals if they are in the center channel, Record Cleaner a plug-in that removes clicks, hum, pops, hiss and other noise from audio recording (yes, you have to have Record Cleaner installed), Overdub (yes, you have to have Overdub installed) and Split Files into Tracks (yes, you have to have WaveBreaker installed).

Burn Screen

RipEditBurn Plus

Click on the Burn icon, and you will be presented with the CD burning screen. If you went from the Edit screen, it will ask you if you want to burn the wave files in the Edit screen. You can add tracks, delete tracks, clear the list, audition the track, normalize all the tracks, and- you can burn the CD!

Plus Screen

RipEditBurn Plus

Click on the Plus icon to get to the Plus screen. You can show files from Windows Media Library, iTunes Library, and many others. You can Audition the audio files, or add to Edit or add to Burn.

RipEditBurn Plus

If you don’t have a MP3 player, we recommend NCH.

What do you think- is RipEditBurn Plus a great program?

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by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 35 years. He studied with Charlie Schlueter as principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra for four years. Charlie Schlueter went on to do 25 years as principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestra‎. Tom also played principal trumpet for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and principal trumpet for the San Jose Orchestra.