How to use Wave Creator

Wave Creator

Wave Creator is our most affordable recorder and editor. It’s a complete wave editor and recorder with cut, copy, paste, a 10 band stereo equalizer, and the ability to convert between MP3s and wave files. Our unique overview window allows you to find the part you want to edit quickly.

Wave Creator screenshot

You can edit Wave and MP3 files including files from iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile phones and tablets. You can Record from all audio sources including Spotify, edit with professional tools and effects. You can put audio files on CD or iPod and use it to remove or reduce vocals from new and older recordings.

It doesn’t allow you to have more than one file open at the same time, but you might not want that.

Let’s go over some of the effects. Amplify is simple- you can either either amplify or de-amplify the sound:

Wave Creator screenshot

Echo makes the file repeat at a slightly lower volume- it actually echos!

Wave Creator screenshot

Equalize (EQ) sets the volume of different frequencies of the sound at different volumes:

Wave Creator screenshot

Reverse actually reverses the sound, taking the ending point and putting it at the beginning point:

Wave Creator screenshot

Sound Warmer warms the sound:

Wave Creator screenshot

There is one tool, Record Cleaner, which removes pops and clicks, eliminates hum, reduces hiss, and has noise gate removal.

You might want to read my blog about Competitors. It features “Audio Record Wizard”- which is not much compared to Wave Creator!

Is that clear? If not, send a comment!

by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 34 years. He studied with Charlie Schlueter as principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra for four years. Charlie Schlueter went on to do 25 years as principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestraā€ˇ. Tom also played principal trumpet for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and principal trumpet for the San Jose Orchestra.