Which Is Better- Our Software or the Competitors?

I don’t often write about competitors, but I just ran across Audio Record Wizard. Yes, it will record and playback. But it costs $19.95! Surely customers can put in another $5 for Wave Creator, which not only records and plays back, but can edit and has a whole slew of effects like Amplify, Chorus, Echo, Equalize, Fade In/Out, Flange, Mix, Normalize, Reverse (which reverses the sound) and Sound Warmer.

On Wave Creator, the screen shows the waveform, unlike Audio Record Wizard where it shows a very tiny version as you record but not when you play it back.

Audacity is another competitor, and you can get it for free (except on eBay, where prices range from $2.99 to $29). Audacity was put together by audio tech gurus, and it is very confusing.

It has “Auto Duck”, it has “Nyquist prompt”, it has “DTMF Tones”, it has “Plot Spectrum”, it has “Risset Drum”, it has “Pluck”, it has “SC4”, it has “Spectral edit multi tool”, it has “Paulstretch”. Anybody know what those are?

You can record something playing on a CD, but you can’t rip the CD by digitally ripping it. And you can’t burn a CD. If you say, “Hey, I’d just like to record sound, edit sound, and rip and burn CDs” you are looking at the wrong solution.

One of our competitors has a decent program that can record and edit at $69.95. Can they rip? You have to pay $14.99 to get ripping. Can they burn CDs? No, you need another $49.95 to burn. That comes to $134.92. RipEditBurn ($39.95) and RipEditBurn Plus ($59.95) have Rip and and they have Burn.

Wave Creator, RipEditBurn, and RipEditBurn Plus also include sound effects- something our competitor includes in the Masters Edition but not the Standard Edition. One of our other competitors does not Rip or Burn and sells its program for $45. It also does not include sound effects.

RipEditBurn and RipEditBurn Plus have Rip and Burn. RipEditBurn Plus has Amplify/Deamplify, Bass Boost, Center Channel Removal, Chorus, Compression And Limiting, Echo, Equalize, Fade In, Fade Out, Flange, Notch Filter, Mix, Mono To Stereo, Normalize, Note Scrubber, Pitch/Frequency Changer and Tempo Changer, Reverse (which reverses the sound), Scene FX (which puts the sound in various halls), Voice Changer (which really changes the voice, ya gotta hear it to believe it!), and Voice Warmer.

So we have three programs that beat the competition-

RipEditBurn Plus,


and Wave Creator!

by Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio

Tom is a former professional musician who has been running companies that develop audio software for 33 years. He studied with Charlie Schlueter as principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra for four years. Charlie Schlueter went on to do 25 years as principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestra‎. Tom also played principal trumpet for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and principal trumpet for the San Jose Orchestra.